Zombie Apocalypse Double Blood Red Ale, Beer Making Extract Kit



Double the death toll with this flesh-eating, red-eyed monster at 8.6% alcohol. Donâ€t let the malty, caramelly goodness deceive you from its pure evil—the hops are only in balance as much as you wonâ€t keel over enjoying a pint of this beast. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you may use this brew as an antiseptic for any bleeding flesh wounds from the bite of the living dead. And regarding reanimated corpses, our motto is this: donâ€t feast upon brains or other various, used organs, and donâ€t fill your pints with blood. Instead, indulge upon this atrocious double red ale and leave the bloodbath to the zombies!
All of our recipe kits are made fresh to your order. No pre-boxed kits. NO WAREHOUSES!
The recipe kit makes 5 gallons of fresh, homebrewed beer.
The recipe kit included dried beer yeast and priming sugar.


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