Wine Openers, Waiter Corkscrew, Wine Corkscrew, Wing Corkscrew, Beer Bottle Opener, Multi-Function Opener Screw For Restaurants, Bars, Hotels



Thank you very much for your trust. This Wine Openers is of high quality, easy to use, elegant in appearance, and the handle is ergonomically designed. The combination of stainless steel and zinc alloy materials is durable. It is an indispensable tool for home bars or kitchens.
The waiter corkscrew comes with a ring hat, which takes into account the function of the beer bottle opener. It can open wine or beer at the same time. When we enjoy good wine, we hope that we need a simple, clean and efficient way to open your wine bottle. Ideal for leisure and leisure places.

1. Structure effortless.
2. The material is upgraded and thickened.
3. The cork is taken out as a whole and can be reused.
4. Two-in-one combination function.
5. Easy to use, simple and stylish appearance.

How to use the airfoil spiral corkscrew:
→Place the wine bottle on a stable table to ensure stability.
→Insert the corkscrew screw into the cork, slowly rotate the corkscrew until the screw completely enters the cork, and the two wings of the corkscrew are fully raised.
→Hold the wings tightly with both hands and press down gradually, at this time the cork will gradually come out of the neck of the bottle.
→ Slightly shake the bottle opener from side to side, gently pull out the cork.
→Finally, gently rotate and pull out the cork.

1.【QUALITY UPGRADE】: Using high-quality stainless steel and zinc alloy materials, cleaner and more durable, giving you a better drinking experience.
2.【REASONABLE DESIGN】: The use of ergonomic wing-shaped rubber handles, real zinc alloy screws and gears, and sturdy stainless steel shell help you easily take out the cork, including wine, red wine, olive oil, vinegar, etc.
3. 【POWERFUI FUNCTION】: Wing-shaped wine opener is also a wine opener, beer opener, can be used in homes, bars, meetings, parties or weddings and other occasions, in addition to opening the wine, The ring part can also take out the beer bottle cap , And convenient to hang and store. Its sharp screws can prevent the cork from cracking, and the traditional mechanical gears firmly fix the screws in the middle of the cork to prevent sliding and easily open the lid.
4. 【SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT】: This wine opener is easy to carry and store, and has a simple and generous appearance. It always surrounds your wine and is a god-given wine companion.
5. 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】: Each product before sale has undergone strict quality inspection and testing. If the goods you receive do not meet your requirements, please contact us in time. The professional and efficient team will give you a satisfactory service.


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