The Weekend Brewer FBA_COMINHKG083814 Brew Bag, 26″ x 22″, White

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Drawstring Brew in a Bag

Brew in a Bag is The Weekend Brewer’s preferred method for all grain and partial mash brewing.  This inexpensive and time efficient method leads to shorter setup and cleanup times, requires no additional equipment aside from the necessary basics and the bag, and the bag can be reused for many batches of homebrew!

Try it once and see that you can get great beer with less hassle!

Basic Instructions– This method is as simple as steeping tea! Fill your kettle with 6 gallons of water (for 5-gallon batches) and heat to the ‘strike’ water temperature. Your recipe should specify a strike and sparge water temperature. Allow the grain to sit for the recommended mashing time. Lift to let the bag drain and pour some additional ‘sparge’ water over the bag to rinse the remaining sugars out of the grain. Do NOT squeeze the bag. At this point, you set the bag and grain aside for washing. Empty and clean the bag quickly to avoid bacteria growth and foul smells. (Kettle not included.)


Don’t shy away from all-grain brewing! The Brew-in-a-Bag (BIAB) eliminates the need for a mash tun, hot liquor pot, or lauter tun. Please refer to your favorite online forums or homebrew experts to find out how much additional grain to use when adjusting your recipes for the Brew-in-a-Bag method.

The Weekend Brewer’s BIAB is large enough to fit kettles up to 17” in diameter and will hold up to 20lbs of grain.

OVERSIZE BAG accommodates many recipes.


We suggest having a beer or two while you brew! #THEWEEKENDBREWER

This listing is for a single Brew-in-a-Bag. Bags are processed and quality inspected at The Weekend Brewer’s warehouse located in Fayetteville, AR. 

The Weekend Brewer offers affordable homebrewing supplies for the casual hobbyist and beer lover. 

Save time and money versus traditional mash tuns when All-Grain brewing. Brew in a bag lets you move to all grain or partial Mash brewing easily, and the biab method is very simple to set up and execute, even with limited space. The brew in a bag method eliminates the need for a mash tun, later tun, or hot liquor pot.
Durable – these bags are made of durable polyester and can be washed and reused multiple times. Durable polyester and rugged stitching ensures no grains slip into the worth easy removal of the grains makes the rest of your brew day and cleanup a breeze. Drawstring closure ensures a complete seal before removal.
Extra large – 26″ Wide and 22″ Tall to ensure you can brew even the largest of recipes without spilling any grain. Use your existing kettle setup for an easy transition to All-Grain brewing! The large size makes the bag versatile enough for any application; from jams to cold brew to cider and fruit wine making, this bag can do it all!
This bag will fit kettles up to 17″ In diameter and will hold up to 20lbs of grain! The Weekend Brewer drawstring brew in a bag is used by large scale craft breweries and first-time home brewers alike. Trust the bag used by thousands of home brewers for any application!
This listing is for a (1) homebrew mesh brew in a bag


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