SNOWFOX Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Glass, 16.9-Ounce Set



No sweat, no mess. Thanks to the double-walled design that prevents sweating, you can forgo a coaster. These vacuum insulated stainless steel beer glasses keep your beer within just a few degrees of the temperature you poured it. And you’ll still taste the flavors of your favorite craft or ginger beer thanks to its 304-grade steel that’s both odorless and tasteless. The simple stainless-steel finish model can be put on the top rack of the dishwasher and the painted glasses are hand-wash only.

VACUUM-INSULATED stainless steel keeps your beer cold-from the first to last sip
DOUBLE-WALLED DESIGN prevents your glass from sweating so your hands and coffee tables stay dry
SHATTERPROOF but lightweight, these insulated glasses are just half the weight of a traditional beer mug, and it holds 16oz of your favorite beer (with room for foam)
LIGHTER than a traditional beer stein or pint glass, it also has a thin 1mm like fine glassware that creates a more enjoyable drinking experience
ELEGANT DESIGN is beautiful, comfortable in the hand, and not as bulky as a beer tumbler that has a lid, so it’s a classy look suitable for entertaining indoors while also being safe to use outside by the pool


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