Mythrojan Viking Horn Mug Tankard with Leather Strap Safely Holds Hot and Cold Liquids Coffee Hot Chocolate – Wine Beer Mead

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Mythrojan Drinkware with Brown Leather Strap Authentic Horn Viking Mug / Tankard

Looking for a Viking drinking mug to bring you back to the medieval ages? Look no further!

Mythrojan Drinkware brings you authentic Viking drinkware. Our 100% natural handcrafted horn mugs will serve as a perfect and usable replica of a Viking drinking mug.

Yes, this is our large version—standing at over 7’’ tall.


Our product is 100% authentic, unique, and awesome. It serves as a perfect gift for any lover of the medieval or Viking ages!
AMERICAN COMPANY: Mythrojan is an American owned and operated company, buying Mythrojan brand products helps small business America.
⭐ PERFECT SIZE ♦♦ ideal to still being easy to carry around on event while offering enough volume for delighting even the thirstiest Viking warrior!
⭐ 100% LEAK FREE & ETHICALY SOURCED GENUINE HORN ♦♦ Our drinking horns mugs are individually made by hand, highly polished and sealed to keep the horn beautiful and leak free for years to come. Each one is unique and the result of patient craftsmanship by skilled horn makers using only 100% real horn, carefully chosen for their beauty, strength, and sturdiness. As with any natural product, the color and shape will have natural variations. NOT TWO ARE THE SAME!
⭐ 100% GENUINE LEATHER HOLDER ♦♦ With the carefully handcrafted HOLDER OFFERED FOR FREE with your horn, you will never loose it and will always have a place to hold it on your belt next to your trusted axe or deadly sword! ♦♦ Wondering how to pack & transport your lovely horn to your event ? We got you covered! ⭐ A NICE PROTECTIVE MYTHROJAN BAG IS ALSO OFFERED FOR FREE!
⭐ IDEAL FOR AMAZING MEDIEVAL EVENTS, SCA, WEDDINGS, COSPLAY or LARP! Is there anything better than sharing a good beer or a nice hydromel with good friends at a warm banquet or a memorable medieval wedding ? ♦♦ Wherever your adventure is set, our beautiful drinking horns mugs will follow you in all your feasts and banquets from the simple battlefield encampment to the impressive tables of the mead hall of your warlord!
⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE. At Mythrojan we take great pride in providing you with high quality products. We take your FULL satisfaction and happiness very seriously! All warranty issues are duly handled directly by Mythrojan, if you happen to receive something which is not up to expectations JUST CONTACT US. If, over time, a Mythrojan product does not live up to your expectation, JUST CONTACT US, we will work with you to assure SATISFACTION!


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