Libbey Beer Glass Belgian Style Stemmed Tulip – 16 oz Lambic Beer Glasses – set of 4 w/ coasters



Beer lovers do value nuances. The old-fashioned shape adds some novelty to the traditional man cave rest and will be appreciated by the guests of your party. A fashionable glassware improves your tasting experience. Belgian style glass is great for malty, hoppy beers like triple, quad, bock, lambic, fruit beer, scotch ale, dark Belgian ale, double/imperial IPA (India pale ale), variations of porter, but it is also a fabulous choice for double/imperial stout, Saison beer, barleywine, bock, and homemade craft brew.
Moreover, it could provide a chick look to juices, a classy shape to ginger and root beer, the unique format for iced tea and soda and even a retro image to famous cocktails. The tulip-shaped one is a good glass to go with. The 16 oz. capacity is just right for a generous portion while leaving space for the foamy head. Thanks to the stylish look and excellent quality of the Libbey Craft Brews collection, this tulip beer glasses set could complement the home beer brewing kit, be a perfect gift for men or just an option to expand a glassware collection of beer steins, mugs, goblets, snifters, and glasses. Cheers! Shipping protection – we utilize a specially created durable double box packaging to ensure safe delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed: If there is any issue with ceramic coffee mugs, contact us through our Amazon Storefront and get a free and fast replacement. If you didn’t like our product, just return it and get a refund. No questions asked!

Contains: 4 tulip beer glasses (16 ounces each) & 4 coasters by Ecodesign-US. Glass Overall Dimensions: Height: 6″, Maximum Diameter: 3.75”;
Belgian style glass supports a foamy head and makes aromas and flavor brighter. Being stemmed, the tulip glass elevates the beer above your hands, protects it from early warming and keeps taste longer;
Dishwasher- and freezer-safe. Beer glassware is made of durable, crystal clear glass;
Birthday gift for him: father, husband, son, brother, a fellow beer lover, and even your tech support colleague (instead of a traditional coffee cup);
Cork coasters protect your table from accidental scratches. Coasters are made in the USA and laser engraved.


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