HostWel Magnetic Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher-Premium Stainless Steel – Unique Gift for Men, Women and Beer Lovers



✔Tired of carrying bottle opener everywhere? Here is the solution. The most attractive Wall mounted bottle opener. 
✔We do not want you to disturb your drink sessions to find bottle opener or to collect caps from floors. Sit back and let the wall mounted bottle opener do its work. 
✔It can serve you everywhere, from kitchen to hotel, and bars to patio. Its unique design gives an elegant look which is suitable for all environment. Either indoor or outdoor. You never have to track your bottle caps anymore. 
✔Make your life easier by getting this beer can ✔opener. No more spilling on the floor, and no more ✔collecting caps. Just pop off the caps and let the auto ✔caps feature do the rest. It can contain up to 50 ✔bottle caps at a time. The can top remover is easy to fix. Use the screws to mount it on the wall and you are done within minutes. Simple and easy! 
✔The material is durable and hard. It will not get rust and will serve you for years, at least. The stainless steel is 100% pure and gives an amazing look! 
✔No doubt, the beer opener can be the best gift for beer lovers. After all, it solves a problem and lasts longer than your expectations! 
High quality premium material – The stainless-steel bottle opener gives a polished and neat look; the material is sturdy and hard to break. Indeed, a long-lasting product!
No more mess! – Do not worry about collecting caps from the floor anymore. The auto caps collection can contain many bottle caps at a time. The unique design prevents spills on the floor, again making your life easier.
Multipurpose – Our wall mounted bottle opener is the ultimate solution for you indoor and outdoor activities! Mount it in your kitchen or patio, or simply take it to a bar! Pop off the taps and drink!
An amazing gift – For all beer lovers and party poppers! This time, Lets give them their favourite thing. Open all bottle caps effortlessly and without mess
Ready to mount – The beer wall mount opener is ready for quick use! It is easier than ever to fix anywhere within minutes. Just use screws to fix it on any wall and it will not slip


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