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Made of lead & BPA free crystal clear glass. 4 units. Try our new design which can handle 20 ounces FRUSTRATION FREE FOAM MOLDING BOX
Dimple design looks great in your cupboard and while you’re drinking.
Handle helps keep your body heat away from beer.
Dimensions: 4.91″ High. Top round 3 7/8″. Capacity 20 OZ State of the art new design for 2020 . Wide handle for easier grip.
(Note glass must be dry with no liquid before freezing)


The main reasons CHEFCAPTAIN is the best dimple beer mug on the market

1 Highest quality lead free glass extra see through glass.

2. Capacity no company today has a dimple mug that can hold our capacity which is a bit over 20 ounces

3. Wide shape handle that gives your hand a firm grip

This beer mug will blow you away you will definitely be buying more and showing it to your friends.

Yes there are many diffrent dimple beer mugs on the market but compair this new 2020 design and you will see a huge diffrence in size, clarity, and handle.

Our design will be your gain


At Chefcaptian we think about every detail when it comes to glass

Chefcaptain was established in 2014 with a small line of leading glassware and home products. While continuously focused on providing the highest quality products at an affordable rate, we have redefined glassware through continued innovation. Today, there is no other product on the market that offers the same capacity and clarity as Chefcaptain.

And this is only the beginning. With our growing customer base, we continue to innovate and expand our product offerings to meet our customer demands.

When purchasing your next home product, we encourage you to try Chefcaptain. We stand behind all our products and our focused on making you a customer for life.

We at Chefcaptain took to task to engineer and design the finest British style dimple beer mug on the market .At first we purchased all available Dimple beer mugs on the market and strive for improvement in areas such as. quality, size and drinking experience.

dimples 4dimples 4

The history of the British dimpled beer mug

The first mass-produced beer glass – the 10-sided, handled pint mug – arrived with the consolidation of the brewing industry in the 1920s, and became famous when the Brewers’ Society used it in its “beer is best” adverts in the 1930s. But after the war, it was nudged out by the dimpled beer mug, made of thick glass patterned with indentations, resembling a hand grenade. This design change fitted in with changing drinking habits: dark mild had acquired an unfashionable image as an old working-class man’s drink, and its substitute, amber bitter, looks lovely in the refracted light of a dimpled glass.

So own a piece of history and enjoy a cold beer buy a set of Chefcaptain dimpled beer mugs. Before long you will be buying more whether for beer or any soft drinks.

The safest pack available 100% drop tested

foam boxfoam box

Great foam protection box with foam for storing and moving the glass

This glass beer mug is so beautiful and precious that we made sure to design a box that will ensure that you get it one piece. The molded foam was cut perfectly to house each cup from top to bottom. The handles are also apart from each other.

As you can see each glass has a C engraved on the bottom for authenticity. The box will also have Chefcaptain logo outside. If you received a mug after Jan 2020 without the C under. Please contact AAAITEMS immediately.

How can i be certain i have the original 2020 Chefcaptain dimple beer mug we take authenticity very seriously


Can I be certain this mug really holds 20 ounces of liquid

1 Check if the beer mug has a C on the bottom, which indicates that this is a Chefcaptain 2020 original item. The whole reason we invested capital into building a new mold is to increase the capacity of the dimple mug. We have actually designed the mug to hold 620ml (20.9 ounces) of liquid to the rim. To note what is available in the market today is smaller. And that is why when a buyer comes out and say this doesn’t hold 20 ounces. We took it seriously and verified it on a video clip. To prove that the glass actually holds 20 ounces. We have posted the video on this listing. Now with beer it can get a bit tricky and confusing due to foam. Foam steals extra space from the glass. Which can affect the amount of liquid you can pour into the glass. You can either clean off the foam to make extra space for more liquid or wait till the foam turns into liquid. Placing the mug into a 45 degree angle and pouring the beer very slowly can diminish the amount of foam.

Made of lead free glass. 4 units. Try our new design with a 20 ounces capacity FRUSTRATION FREE FOAM MOLDING BOX
Dimple design looks great in your cupboard and while you’re drinking.
Handle helps keep your body heat away from beer.. Chefcaptain Dimple beer mug is a true master art world class design mug.
Dimensions: 4.91″ High. Top round 3 7/8″. State of the art new design for 2020 . Wide handle for easier grip.


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