Craft A Brew Homemade Hard Seltzer Brew, 1 Gallon, Starter Kit

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This hard seltzer kit is for anyone who goes for a spiked seltzer instead of beer. Craft a batch of your very own refreshing alcoholic seltzer with the supplies in this all-in-one kit: a 1 gallon glass jar, airlock, non-GMO sugar, yeast, clarifier, funnel, natural flavoring and step by step instructions.

HARD SELTZER KIT: Craft your own hard seltzer at home with this all in one kit. Make a gallon of fizzy alcoholic seltzer plain or use the included natural grapefruit flavor. In 4 simple steps and 4 short weeks you can enjoy a gallon of your favorite fizzy beverage.
NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE: Your hand crafted hard seltzer is naturally gluten free and uses natural flavoring, yeast and non-GMO sugar for fermentation.
ALL IN ONE FERMENTATION KIT: Making hard seltzer is simple when you have the right ingredients and durable equipment. Step by step instructions walk you through the process, so you don’t need to be an expert to make your own refreshing spiked seltzer.
CRAFT A BREW QUALITY: Each seltzer making kit is assembled by hand in Orlando, FL instilled with the core values of providing high-quality ingredients, elegant and effective design, and an environmentally sustainable mindset. Enjoy hard seltzer the right way with your own Craft a Brew kit.


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