Beer Tap Handle Kit with Chalkboard and Dry Erase. DIY Kegerator Tap Handle



Product Description

A beer tap handle you can be proud of!

We are proud of our beer taps and we know you’ll be pleased with it too. After all, when you’re serving beer from you kegerator or home bar everyone sees it. In fact, it’s the center of attention!

What makes Custom Brew Gear taps so great!

Chalkboard and dry erase decals so you can write your current brew
Made from high quality wood and pre drilled for the screw and ferrule.
Craft Beer decals
Made in the USA

Our tap handle kit features a solid wood handle, chalkboard and dry erase decals. The wood piece comes ready to stain or finish with with your choice of colors. Once it’s dry, simply install the hanger bolt and ferrule on the bottom and apply the decals for a professional finished look. The 3/8-16 thread on the bottom fits all standard US tap facets. These are perfect for home brewer and kegerators. Finish tap with your choice of colors or finish. Make sure you don’t use a finish that remains oily as the decals won’t adhere well. A simple clear lacquer or spray varnish works best. Allow to dry completely.

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Our Square beer tap handle kit has some great features.

Tap Handle Kit Contents

Tap Handle Kit Contents

Beer Tap Kit chalkboard and dry erase

Beer Tap Kit chalkboard and dry erase

Finish the beer tap your way.

Finish the beer tap handle any way you want:

Spray lacquer

NOTE: avoid oil finishes because the decals may not adhere well.

Contents of the tap handle kit.

The beer tap kit comes with the following:

Solid wood handle (sanded)
Craft beer decals
Chalkboard decal
Dry erase decal
Hanger bolt
Silver ferrule

Chalkboard and dry erase boards.

Show what’s on tap

The beer tap kit features a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase on the other so you can write the current beer to show what’s on tap.

DIY CHALKBOARD BEER TAP HANDLE KIT. All decals and ferrule included. Just finish the main wood part to your liking.
CHALKBOARD AND DRY ERASE SIDES so you can write what brew is currently in your kegerator.
HIGH QUALITY – Made in the USA
KEGERATOR HANDLE – Perfect for kegerators and home brewers.
VERY COOL AND UNIQUE tap handle. Easy to make, fun to use.


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