B.Brown Original American Flag Beer Mug Beer Glass Great As A Beer Gift (Glossy Glass)



Do you want to enjoy your beer or any other favorite drink with comfort? A personalized beer mug with handle is the right choice for that! High quality manufactured sturdy glass beer stein is 100% safe for freezer, dishwasher and microwave oven. The bottom is flat and will not bring inconvenience when washing in a dishwasher. The perfectly sanded and polished beer mug doesn’t have any roughness or ridges and offers you maximum comfort while you drink. Heavy duty pint glass stein created for everyday use with any beverage: beer, root beer, cider, iced soda and tea, water, milk, juice, rich lemonade and even hot beverages such as coffee or tea. The thick-walled etched beer mug with American flag is specially designed to keep your drink cold/hot longer and enjoy its taste and aroma. While you have a freezing cold drink in your mug, the handle is keeping the ideal temperature and you can hold glass stein easily. The beer mug holds one British pint or 17 oz and is the right size for relaxation time with your favorite drink. A comfortable handle, clear high quality glass and smooth elegant design with an etched American flag on it make it a great gift idea for every patriot and beer enthusiast. If you’re lookinf for unique gift ideas for your family members, friends or lovers, buy a customized beer mug – satisfaction is guaranteed.

– IDEAL SIZE – The 6,1 inches tall and 4,13 inches in diameter etched beer mug with American flag, holds one British pint or 17 oz.
– DURABLE AND THICK – The thick-walled personalized beer mug with handle is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Glass stein will keep your cold beverages cool longer.
– HIGH QUALITY – Sturdy glass beer stein is made of high quality clear glass. Etched beer mug with American flag with smooth elegant design is best for home, brewmasters, nightclubs and bars. MULTIPLE USES – Pint glass stein is large and thick – perfect for serving cold and hot beverages. Custom beer mug engraved will hold beer, root beer, iced soda, lemonade, juice and even coffee and hot tea.
– A GREAT GIFT FOR ALL BEER LOVERS – A customized beer mug is a stylish gift for all beer lovers for birthday, Christmas, wedding, Oktoberfest, graduation, 4th July or any other occasion.


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