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Nebraska Red Recipe

Nebraska Red  

Category Pale Ale

Recipe Type Extract

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 6.6 Lbs Munton & Fison Amber Malt Extract (Unhopped)

1.0 Lbs Crystal Malt (Steeped 45 minutes at 150-170 F)

2.0 Oz Roasted Barley (Same as above)


 1.0 Oz Cascade Hops (for bittering, First wort Hopped, added with specialty

0.5 Oz Cascade Hops ( For flavor, Boiled 15 minutes)

0.5 Oz Cascade hops (for aroma, Boiled 2 minutes)


 1.0 Tsp Irish moss, (Rehydrated and added for fining added for last 15

Yeast 2 – 6 Gram packets of Muntons Dry yeast. (Rehydrated and started in a

Procedure Wort cooled to 85 F, aerated by stirring, and pitched the yeast starter at 85F.