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Dragon’s Rest Pale Ale

Dragon’s Rest Ale  

Category Pale Ale

Recipe Type Extract


 3 Lbs. Laaglander Amber DME

3 Lbs. Laaglander Light DME

2 Lbs. 100% Pure Barley Malt Syrup


 3 Oz. Fuggles Hops 4.1% Alpha (boiling)

1 Oz. Kent-Golding Hops 5.0% Alpha (finishing)


 4 Tbsp. Ground Cardamom

1 tsp. Irish Moss

Yeast 1 Pkg. Wyeast #1028 London Ale (in starter of 3 cups water 1 cup dry extract)


Procedure Prepare yeast according to Pkg. Then make starter from ingredients listed boil 10 mins. Sanitize a Qt. beer bottle and pour starter into bottle. Cool to pitching temperature and add yeast from pkg. Fit with fermentation lock. Ferment. Be ready to pitch into wort by high krausen (foamyness) (18-24 hrs)

Add extracts and barley syrup to 1 gallon cold water. Bring to boil. Add boiling hops and 3 Tblsp. of the Cardamom, boil one hour. 10 minutes to end of boil add 1/2 oz. of the finishing hops, irish moss and the rest of the cardamom. 3 minutes to end of boil add 1/2 oz. of the finishing hops. Sparge through cheesecloth into 4 gallons very cold water in primary fermenter. Cool and pitch starter. Agitate wort well (stir)

Boil primer ingredients 10 minutes. Cool. Add to beer and bottle.